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Limited edition prints on canvas

Meet limited reproductions of my paintings and drawings. There is no doubt that the association with the original is irreplaceable but there are cases when the condition of uniqueness and singularity is not decisive. I decided to experiment with reproductions as if in response to numerous inquiries from both replicas and reproductions of my paintings. Reproduction Limited is a good optimal solution for people who appreciate above all the visual qualities image does not Cha spent on the purchase amount higher than PLN 300 while it is not indifferent to the fact that the whole process of reproduction controls artist, both in terms of quality and quantities. The decision to propose the reproduction of the lovers of my paintings was preceded by a wielotygodniowymi considerations and technical experimentation with the canvas, color, and security. I chose, I hope - optimal solutions that guarantee very good quality and durability at the same time allow you to enjoy the finished product for a low price.


limited printsHow to buy a limited edition print?

Just register and log in on the website. After logging in, you can choose from all available reproduction. Selected reproductions you can add to the order-by clicking on the button. When you have decided to purchase-I will ask You to sign a contract. This is a simple, non-binding agreement. Don't worry-you can opt-out, even after the conclusion of the contract. If you persist in your desire to own and pay for reproduction, ordering a copy of Your printer and the farthest in 2 weeks you'll have it on your wall.

limited printsHow do I pay for limited edition prints?

You can pay in various ways: bank transfer in USD, EUR and GBP (without conversion), bank transfer in other currencies with conversion to PLN, PayPal or cash.

limited printsHow limited print will be delivered?

Method of delivery you choose. You can choose from: the Polish Post and UPS (the whole world), DPD (Europe) and "Paczkomaty" (Poland).

DPD Polska DPD Polska DPD Polska www Price-list
InPost InPost InPost www Price-list
Poczta Polska Poczta Polska Poczta Polska www Price-list

limited printsWhat are the costs of delivery?

Shipping costs will be calculated based on delivery address , weight and dimensions of the package.

limited printsCan I return the ordered limited edition print?

Unfortunately, because the print are ordered in print for you, after payment of debts. Do not buy the test. If you are not sure - contact me and explain concerns. Do not worry - you'll get a good quality product. If you still are not satisfied - please contact me. We will try to resolve the potential problem :)

limited printsDo you have any questions?

limited prints

What are the dimensions?

Dimensions reproduction reflect the dimensions of the original image. Normally it is possible to prepare reproduction square: 30x30cm, 40x40cm and 50x50cm and a rectangular: 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x60cm and 50x70cm. There are also other combinations and sizes.

limited prints
limited prints

Are these reproductions on canvas?

Prints are made on sturdy, durable, synthetic canvas with a weight of 220g / m2, which is dedicated to photographic prints. The structure of this material are confusingly similar painting canvas. Therefore prints are visually at first glance surprisingly, quite confusingly similar to the originals.

Is the canvas is stretched on the loom?

The canvas of the printed image is stretched on a wooden loom painting. The thickness of the looms ranges from 1.5cm to 2cm. The side edges of the stretcher bars are also printed. People who do not like frames or want to quickly decorate the interior allows for the reproduction hanging on the wall immediately after unpacking.

limited prints
limited prints

Limited? Numbered? What does it mean?

Each reproduction personally prepare for printing. Printing bid thee specialists. The finished reproduction of personally signing and numbered on the reverse. The handwritten signature with a certificate ensures that you have in front of you a legal product. The numbering is the same as in printmaking: the first digit indicates the copy number, and the second edition. 2/100 therefore means that it is a second copy of effort, which has 100 units. The limit of 100 pieces means that will be printed up to 100 pcs. Of a matrix.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

Certificate of Authenticity is a document which, together with a handwritten signature on the reverse confirms the authorship and the legality of reproduction.

limited prints
limited prints
limited prints

What is the reverse?

Reverse looks the same as a typical stretcher original painting: a wooden loom, wedges, canvas stretched and fastened with staples. The reverse is also handwritten signature along with the title and copy number. Each of reproduction is fitted with a universal hanger "crocodile".

limited prints

The frame is required?

Good frame increases its visual the image, but if reproduction is not required for exposure. Printed side edges allow you to enjoy the view of reproduction on the wall even without the frame.

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