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Contemporary art
2015-04-01 20:31:24

Contemporary artContemporary art is a real challenge for the customer. It can be read in many ways, however, the most important is the intuition backed by a bit of theoretical knowledge, you can be watching the Internet art galleries or albums on contemporary art. The most Viewer-friendly (...)
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2015-01-16 20:18:12

PEGAZAlpha version. Before the final blajwinizacją. We invite soon.
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Gallery Triad
2014-11-15 10:29:07

Gallery TriadSince yesterday, my four live images can be viewed in the Gallery triad - the largest and oldest private gallery of contemporary art in the Tri-City. Feel. Http : // iwin. Article. Com / en / MyAlbum , 12. Html
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Fantasy of Blajwinie
2014-11-14 02:12:27

Fantasy of BlajwinieThe Tri-City magazine Prestige ( November \ '14 ) published an article about our BLAJWINACH. Excerpt: In the process of creating Blajwina far the most important is imagination. It is even more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited , and imagination (...)
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2014-11-05 23:27:08

DrummerIn preparing the latest BlajWin with the working title : Metal Drummer .
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