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BLAJWINY in the audio world - exhibition
2014-10-06 07:40:10

BLAJWINY in the audio world - exhibition10.10.2014 - 25.10.2014 Premium Sound Salon HIFI ul.Trawki 7 Gdańsk
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Exhibition Blajwinów
2014-09-09 09:06:38

Exhibition BlajwinówSome say that small is beautiful , others argue that size matters in the family BLAJWINów , this year appeared mutant outsize. Come and check whether its oversize dimensions, which are probably the result of structural anomalies - by. Floberghagena , having their (...)
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NEPTUNE - enough of this rzygania !
2014-09-09 09:01:33

NEPTUNE - enough of this rzygania !NEPTUNE - enough of this rzygania !. BLAJWIN asks what Neptune from the Long Market, a screen , and the cover is , with its fig leaf in a grotesque pose of standing ?. . . And so for four hundred years. Cup of bitterness overflowed !. Our BLAJWIN Neptune is a form (...)
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Blajwiny like children - children like blajwiny
2014-09-09 08:57:55

Blajwiny like children - children like blajwinyBlajwiny like children - children like blajwiny. Photo essay from the exhibition Blajwinów at the convention tattoo in Gdansk. Some titles pictures seem to be witty. Photography is Mieervug Sveerg.
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2014-08-03 02:19:57

WHERE ARISE BLAJWINYIn alchemy , transmutation most often meant the transformation , the transformation of base metal (usually lead or mercury) in gold. It was possible by means of the philosopher's stone. RnDo today , some speculate what the stone can be. RnrnBLAJWIN a stone found (...)

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